Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Same old, same old

Updated to add 2 photos:

Reagan is a great skier!

See that fuzzy guy in the background carrying something? That something is Carter in his carseat!
I know I haven't blogged in a while, but we haven't really done anything blog-worthy. Reagan still has tinges of pink in her hair and Carter is still trying to get his top teeth and trying to crawl.

We did spend this past weekend up in Laconia, NH with Jeff's parents at their condo. The condo, is Reagan's favorite place in the whole world. I figure it's because they have an indoor pool with waterslides and a waterfall. It is a lot of fun and nice to be able to swim when it's negative degrees outside.

On Saturday, we went skiing at Gunstock. Carter stayed behind with Nana, who doesn't ski. Reagan had a half-day of lessons and then we skiied with her in the afternoon. She did really, really well. We even went up on the quad chair-lift, not on a bunny slope and she did great and had fun. In the end, she did get really cold, it was 8 degrees outside and took 2 bad spills that were caused by people who should've known better. But she got up and kept going.

I hadn't been skiing in 7 years, but managed to do ok. The only major wipeout I had was in line for the ski lift. Reagan's boot came out of her ski, causing her to fall, which caused me to fall and Jeff to fall. There we were all splayed out, right in front and blocking the lift. Can you say yardsale?

I didn't take my camera with me, so I need to get photos from Jon of Reagan. Carter did manage to take a quasi-ski trip. Judy and Carter met us for lunch. To get back to the car, Jeff strapped Carter in his carseat, strapped on his skiis and skiied him down to the parking lot.

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