Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Must start somewhere...

Yep, I've finally gotten around to blogging. I've been wanting to blog for about a year, but I have always been stumped in trying to come up with a fun-yet-original name for my blog. After realizing that this would never happen, I decided to just get on with blogging. The kids weren't getting any younger, time is going by faster and if I did not get my act in gear, blogging before my kids are in college would never happen.

So here goes:
The players:
Reagan: 5, almost 6, aka, The Girl, string bean, doodle, sweet pea

Carter: 8 months, aka, The Boy, Carter-rino,
Destroying Angel

Me: Lisa, Mom, former prosecutor, turned stay-at-home mom in August 2008
Jeff: Dad, software development manager, likely to be in a meeting or on a conference call
Ella: 5 year old black lab, aka smella, partner-in-crime with The Girl and The Boy

Frozen Tundra of Southern New Hampshire

Currently it's 20 degrees outside and there is a fair amount of snow on the ground, so we spend most of the day avoiding the cold. Which means my house usually looks like a tornado hit it or at least a Destroying Angel was at work.

Carter is a very busy 8 month old. He is just starting to be on the move and can crawl backwards and roll over and manages to get himself wherever it is he wants to go. He has a walker (scooter) he uses to get around that aids him in his destruction. Carter has no fear. Telling him "no" sends him into laughter and he only does whatever it is he's not supposed to do even more. Pulling on cords, opening cabinets and tearing up his sister's artwork are his favorite pastimes.

Reagan is also very busy. She'll be 6 next month, which means we are in the middle of planning her 6th birthday party. It's going to be a Hannah Montana glow-blowing birthday party. She just started Kindergarten this fall and LOVES it. It's a half-day program, which means she goes to school from 8-10:40 am. Yep, that's it. So, 2 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays she goes to a Kindergarten Enrichment("KE") program at a local preschool until 3 for just a little more school and socialization. She loves KE even more than Kindergarten, if that is at all possible. She also takes dance lessons, jazz, tap and ballet, is a Daisy scout, takes ice skating and swim lessons. She also played soccer this fall and baseball last spring.

My days are spent keeping up with the kids and the house. So far, the kids and the house are winning.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Lisa! I can't wait to see more. : )

  2. Wow! Poor Reagan and her PINK hair. She is cute no matter what her mom does to her! Carter looks like he could have spent alot more time at MY Gym.

  3. Dirty Birdie Boy looks pretty cute to me! Reagan is sure enjoying the snow. And I agree with Reagan when she said the "Vampire State Building", after all isn't located in New York!