Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Gym Boy

On Friday morning I took Carter to his first My Gym class. He loved every minute of it. At first he was somewhat overwhelmed with all the colors and activity. We were also at the wrong class. All of the other kids were at least 14 months old, so they were all walking. (I forgot my camera, so the pictures were taken with my iphone.)

To start off, I put him in the ball pit and he just looked around, taking everything in. After about 10 minutes, it was circle time. Carter started bouncing and laughing and just couldn't get enough of the class. His favorite part was moving his arms back-and-forth while singing "see and saw". It still makes him laugh at home.

He also enjoyed swinging and was pretty worn out by the end of the hour.

I know he'll love going to My Gym as much as Reagan.

Speaking of Reagan, she went to school yesterday with pink hair. Her swimming lesson also had no real effect on the pinkness of her hair. I hope it goes away soon, but right now, she looks like a little punk rocker or as someone with hippie parents.

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