Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM!!!


Today is my mother's birthday. I won't say which big milestone birthday it is because she doesn't want me to, but just know that she is old enough to have a 31-year old daughter and 4 grandchildren. Although, she doesn't even look close to her real age yet and looks more like my sister than mother. Hopefully, I inherit those great genes.

Reagan made Grammy a sign to wish her a Happy Birthday and I took pictures of the kids outside on this beautiful spring day.

Love you Mom! Wish we could all be there today to give you a big hug. We can't wait to see you in 3 weeks!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reagan's lunch

Reagan's attends morning Kindergarten, so most days she's home before lunch. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she goes to a Kindergarten Enrichment program right after school until 3pm.

She has to bring lunch with her on these days. Yesterday, out of the blue, Reagan gave me this:

She I guess I needed a check-list for making her lunch! She told me to check off the boxes as I was making her lunch to make sure I got everything she wanted.
She wanted a Tuna Fish Sandwich, Pringles Potato Chips (she how she drew the guy on the can?), Pretzels, Apples, Babybell Cheese, Goldfish and a Pear.
This was the end result:
Our pears aren't ripe yet, so she'll get it on Thursday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Grammy's Kids

Today at the end of Reagan's tap class, her teacher, Miss Debbie, asked to talk to me real quick. She said she heard we were going to California soon for her Grammy's graduation and she had the following conversation with Reagan:

Reagan: My Grammy couldn't graduate from college because she had 4 kids and couldn't go.

Miss Debbie: Those rotten awful kids.

Reagan: No, they weren't rotten or awful.
(She starts counting on her fingers).

There's my mom. She's not awful or rotten. Then there's Uncle Matt.
(Reagan pauses.)

Well, I guess he was a little rotten and awful.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pictures

It was sunny and beautiful, but really cold and windy on Easter.

I thought Carter looked so cute in his hat and was surprised he kept it on so long.

Poor Reagan was freezing outside, but still managed to look beautiful. She wanted me to do her hair fancy for Easter, so I put it in hot rollers.

My two handsome men.

The Easter bunny came and left eggs and baskets full of goodies, we went to church and came home to get Easter dinner ready. Our friends, the Gilroy's came over with their kids and we ate and then the kids dyed eggs.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friday Night Swim

The kids both have swim class on Friday nights. Carter and Jeff have the first swim class and Reagan sits on the edge of the pool the whole time watching and wanting to participate too.
Here she is just waiting for an excuse to jump in and join the fun in the baby class.

Carter loves floating on his back and even has the proper form.

He's a water baby just like Reagan was at his age.
Reagan is a very good swimmer for her age. Her favorite stroke is the backstroke and she is FAST on her back. She has been working really hard at the front crawl and almost has the rotary breathing down.
Reagan has been working on her dives too. She can do nice sit and kneel dives, but her standing dive resembles a belly flop.

Here he is all snug in his jammies watching his sister swim. He usually falls asleep before her lesson is over.

Swimming is Reagan's favorite activity and if Carter could tell us, I think he'd agree with her.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Child of the Week

Reagan was picked (by random draw) to be "child of the week" in her Kindergarten class. Last Sunday we put together a poster for her to bring to school and be displayed on the bulletin board outside her classroom. She did all of the writing describing the pictures.

On Tuesday she brought home Malcolm the Moose, her class mascot, for a sleepover. Malcolm visited us just for the night, so we made sure he did a lot of fun stuff with Reagan.

She took him for a bike ride, to her cheerleading party, (yes, next year my life will revolve around cheer. She will be cheerleading for the Bedford Jr. Bulldogs) and the library. Reagan drew pictures and wrote all about his visit in Malcolm's journal.

Yesterday, Reagan decided to get in the spirit of April Fool's Day and take everything out of my shower she could reach. She also tried to "short sheet" our bed. I tricked her by making Angel Food Cake toast.

Today was "wear a cap to school day." I'm sure she wasn't the only one with a Red Sox cap on, but I know she was the cutest!