Monday, April 20, 2009

Grammy's Kids

Today at the end of Reagan's tap class, her teacher, Miss Debbie, asked to talk to me real quick. She said she heard we were going to California soon for her Grammy's graduation and she had the following conversation with Reagan:

Reagan: My Grammy couldn't graduate from college because she had 4 kids and couldn't go.

Miss Debbie: Those rotten awful kids.

Reagan: No, they weren't rotten or awful.
(She starts counting on her fingers).

There's my mom. She's not awful or rotten. Then there's Uncle Matt.
(Reagan pauses.)

Well, I guess he was a little rotten and awful.


  1. Sorry but THAT'S funny. ; )
    My girls love when Miss Debbie calls them awful rotten kids so it's actually a great compliment.

  2. I love that little girl! Wow isn't that the truth!

  3. I'm Speechless! Maybe I can comment when I quit laughing!