Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friday Night Swim

The kids both have swim class on Friday nights. Carter and Jeff have the first swim class and Reagan sits on the edge of the pool the whole time watching and wanting to participate too.
Here she is just waiting for an excuse to jump in and join the fun in the baby class.

Carter loves floating on his back and even has the proper form.

He's a water baby just like Reagan was at his age.
Reagan is a very good swimmer for her age. Her favorite stroke is the backstroke and she is FAST on her back. She has been working really hard at the front crawl and almost has the rotary breathing down.
Reagan has been working on her dives too. She can do nice sit and kneel dives, but her standing dive resembles a belly flop.

Here he is all snug in his jammies watching his sister swim. He usually falls asleep before her lesson is over.

Swimming is Reagan's favorite activity and if Carter could tell us, I think he'd agree with her.

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