Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Newest Super Hero: Spatula Girl

Watch out! The latest super hero has arrived:


Reagan was trying to cheer Carter up when he was sick last weekend and starting doing karate moves with spatulas.
Giving the evil eye. All those who try to feed her chocolate are warned--she's armed and dangerous. She knows how to use those spatulas.
Yes, you can be fierce in pigtails with bows.
This one's for Aunt Rebecca.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Root Beer Float

I realized last week that I have deprived Reagan of a classic American treat. She had never even heard of a Root Beer float!

Well, after I picked her up from school last Friday and to kick off February vacation (and to make of for the fact that we couldn't leave the house because Carter had Roseola) I made her a Root Beer float.
She thought it was good, but told me that Butter Pecan ice cream was better than the float. Oh well, at least she's had one now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boy Loves Dirt Take 2

Now that Carter is fully mobile and is fast, I really have to make sure he's not out of eyesight or reach. Well, I turned my back for a few minutes, and he made his way lickity-split from the middle of the family room over to the pot of dirt which used to be a nice plant.

Does that look say he knows the fun is done or what? I put the coke box there to prevent him from digging in the dirt when he was in his scooter, but he always finds a way around the obstacle to get what he wants.

Now try and stop me!

I really need to move that pot.

This will probably be one of the last pictures of him with just 2 teeth.

Carter has been battling a double-ear infection, what I thought was the stomach flu and getting 6, yes 6 new teeth! The poor thing has been miserable for the past 2 weeks and Jeff and I are really tired too. On day when he was feeling good, I coincidentally made homemade cinnamon rolls. Boy were they a hit with everyone including Carter. He could not get enough of them and cried when we finally took away the spatula. Grandpa Jon is going to have competition on who gets dibs on the spatula!

Reagan is doing well as is busy with school and her activities and is doing well. She was proud today to blow up a balloon all by herself at Daisys.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

100th Day of School

Reagan's 100th day of school is today, Wednesday February 11th. Her homework for today was to wear 100 of something. At first Reagan wanted to wear 100 feathers. But I found 100 flowers in my craft stuff, which she was happy to wear instead. Last night while watching TV, I hot-glued 100 flowers to some craft felt I made into a smock.

I also put flowers in her hair this morning.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Carter is sick. He has his first ear infection, poor boy. When I was at Target yesterday waiting for his prescription to be filled, I bought him a firetruck. He LOVES firetrucks. They fascinate him. It doesn't have a siren or any fancy sounds, but he's been playing with it non-stop. It's really cute to see him have his first real preference for something in life.
While I was snapping pictures of Carter and his firetruck, I had to take one of Reagan too. She looked she cute with her hair in buns yesterday.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthdays Past

I can't believe how much Reagan has grown-up, yet still looks so much like she did the day she was born.

Here are some birthday pictures of her from years past:
Her first birthday party was at our house. Here she is sitting in the swing of the little swingset we got her, but couldn't put together fast enough to her liking.
I took Reagan to Chuck-E-Cheese's for lunch. She had a ball. I thought she was so big and no longer a baby. Boy, was I wrong.
Reagan's 2nd birthday party was at My Gym. She loved Elmo and Sesame Street, so we had an Elmo-themed party for her.

Reagan's 3rd birthday party was also held at My Gym. They do such a good job with parties. We did a Cinderella theme for it.

Reagan's 4th birthday party was held at My Gym.

Reagan's 5th birthday party was held at our house. It was a princess party. Reagan dressed up as Alice-in-Wonderland.

Happy Birthday Reagan

Reagan's 6th birthday was on Friday, the 6th, which made it her "golden" birthday.
As a surprise, I decorated the kitchen with gold decorations and glittery, gold 6's. Nana spent the night and as the biggest surprise, Granpa flew up from Florida and surpised Reagan the morning of her birthday.
We went out for sushi that night, and of course, had the sushi boat. Carter even had his first California roll. He wasn't too impressed.

Reagan's party was on Sunday afternoon at the bowling alley for a Hannah Montanta glow bowling birthday party. By Jon's count, there were 28 kids there! It was a huge crowd, but a lot of fun. I'm really glad it wasn't at my house.

Reagan had a fantastic time and "the best birthday ever," in her words.
Carter stayed home with Nana, because he was/is sick. The poor baby has his first ear infections and is not feeling well at all.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Reagan's grandparents, Jon and Judy, gave her a bunch of zebra-print clothes for Christmas. Reagan loves them and wears the jacket and rainboots everyday.

I still don't have my camera, so I took the picture with my cell phone, which is why it is a bit fuzzy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I couldn't resist taking this picture of Carter yesterday as we were walking into the library. He has such beautiful eyes.

9 month check-up

Carter had his 9-month check-up yesterday.

He is 30.25 inches long and 21 lbs, 10 oz.
He's a BIG boy, well really a tall boy.

He's in the 95% for height, between the 50-75% for weight, but for his height he's in the 50%, so he's on the skinny side for his height.
He just started really crawling and is able to get into even more trouble now. Carter is finding all sorts of things I need to kep out of his reach.
Love those chunky rolls.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Queen of the Losers

On Saturday Reagan was watching me while I played with the Wii Fit. I was trying to play the tightrope game, where you have to carefully balance while walking on a tightrope. Well, I was having some difficulty in getting across the rope without falling. At once point, when I had fallen off Reagan told me, "Mom, your Queen of the Losers."

Kids--you gotta love them.