Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthdays Past

I can't believe how much Reagan has grown-up, yet still looks so much like she did the day she was born.

Here are some birthday pictures of her from years past:
Her first birthday party was at our house. Here she is sitting in the swing of the little swingset we got her, but couldn't put together fast enough to her liking.
I took Reagan to Chuck-E-Cheese's for lunch. She had a ball. I thought she was so big and no longer a baby. Boy, was I wrong.
Reagan's 2nd birthday party was at My Gym. She loved Elmo and Sesame Street, so we had an Elmo-themed party for her.

Reagan's 3rd birthday party was also held at My Gym. They do such a good job with parties. We did a Cinderella theme for it.

Reagan's 4th birthday party was held at My Gym.

Reagan's 5th birthday party was held at our house. It was a princess party. Reagan dressed up as Alice-in-Wonderland.

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