Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boy Loves Dirt Take 2

Now that Carter is fully mobile and is fast, I really have to make sure he's not out of eyesight or reach. Well, I turned my back for a few minutes, and he made his way lickity-split from the middle of the family room over to the pot of dirt which used to be a nice plant.

Does that look say he knows the fun is done or what? I put the coke box there to prevent him from digging in the dirt when he was in his scooter, but he always finds a way around the obstacle to get what he wants.

Now try and stop me!

I really need to move that pot.

This will probably be one of the last pictures of him with just 2 teeth.

Carter has been battling a double-ear infection, what I thought was the stomach flu and getting 6, yes 6 new teeth! The poor thing has been miserable for the past 2 weeks and Jeff and I are really tired too. On day when he was feeling good, I coincidentally made homemade cinnamon rolls. Boy were they a hit with everyone including Carter. He could not get enough of them and cried when we finally took away the spatula. Grandpa Jon is going to have competition on who gets dibs on the spatula!

Reagan is doing well as is busy with school and her activities and is doing well. She was proud today to blow up a balloon all by herself at Daisys.

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