Thursday, April 2, 2009

Child of the Week

Reagan was picked (by random draw) to be "child of the week" in her Kindergarten class. Last Sunday we put together a poster for her to bring to school and be displayed on the bulletin board outside her classroom. She did all of the writing describing the pictures.

On Tuesday she brought home Malcolm the Moose, her class mascot, for a sleepover. Malcolm visited us just for the night, so we made sure he did a lot of fun stuff with Reagan.

She took him for a bike ride, to her cheerleading party, (yes, next year my life will revolve around cheer. She will be cheerleading for the Bedford Jr. Bulldogs) and the library. Reagan drew pictures and wrote all about his visit in Malcolm's journal.

Yesterday, Reagan decided to get in the spirit of April Fool's Day and take everything out of my shower she could reach. She also tried to "short sheet" our bed. I tricked her by making Angel Food Cake toast.

Today was "wear a cap to school day." I'm sure she wasn't the only one with a Red Sox cap on, but I know she was the cutest!

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