Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Snow and Equality

We got a lot more snow last night. The forecasters were saying somewhere in the 6-inch range, but I think we got more. I took some pictures of Ella in playing in the snow on our deck. Looks like more than 6 inches right?

Reagan came up to me this afternoon and told me she needed "tape, heavy string, cans and a paper towel roll." I found the required items and she set to work building her project.

Apparently, she was discussing Martin Luther King, Jr. with Jeff. They were talking how he wanted everyone to be treated equally. Reagan then had an idea for a project she could make that related to him and equality.

She build a weighing scale to measure things. When we asked her how she got the idea to build it she said from "Martin Luther King and that he wanted equality." Then she said, "Oh, I guess we were talking about a different kind of equal."

It's so cute to see an almost 6-year old mind at work.

Oh yeah, her hair is still pink in front. Hopefully it will go away before school on Tuesday.

Carter is teething; he's getting 4 teeth on top and maybe 2 on bottom. He has been in a lot of pain and his nose is running. The cold weather isn't helping and he now has a big sore on his nose. We're trying to keep him happy and his nose medicated, but it may take a while to heal. Those darn teeth just need to pop through.

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  1. That Carter is sure having fun at My Gym. I can hardly wait to take him sometime! The picture on the swing I would swear was Jeff 31 years ago.

    That Reagan has an amazing mind!! She is always thinking!!!

    I can't wait to see them both and I am sure you, Lisa, would like a break from the teething issues.

    Love, Nana