Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Foolery

I love pulling April Fool’s Day jokes on the kids.

This year, I did several jokes. I put some food dye in Reagan’s cereal bowl under her mini-wheats. When she poured in her milk, it turned blue.  I made the kids “eggs” outs of marshmallows and apricot halves.

 April 2010, Easter MI 008 April 2010, Easter MI 009 April 2010, Easter MI 010

Reagan can read now, so my tricks can get a little more advanced. She has a morning snack at school and she normally eats a Baby Bell cheese round and goldfish. I sent in “chips” instead of goldfish:

April 2010, Easter MI 006

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  1. Lisa, you are definitley a trickster! What great idea's you have.