Sunday, August 2, 2009

Homemade American Girl Doll Accessories

Reagan has been talking about wanting a bed for her AG doll. She found the catalogue before I could recycle it and went through circling everything she wanted her her doll, Lily for Christmas. The bed she wants is $110!
I convinced her that it might be fun if we tried to make a bed for Lily. Reagan was hesitant because she really, really, wants the AG doll bed, but her love of creating and inventing won out. Plus, she likes the closet we made for Lily a couple of months ago. Reagan also thought that Lily needed a shower, so we set out to make one too.
We had a few moments of rainy weather this week and last Friday it poured all day. While Carter napped, Reagan and I went to work.

For about $8 out-of-pocket, we made Lily her own unique canopy bed and shower:

Canopy Bed:
We used the box that Lily came in as the base of the bed. We went to Michaels and bought wooden dowels, which I cut in half and Reagan painted white.
Reagan's favorite color is now yellow, so we used yellow fabric I had to cover a foam pad that we used as a mattress and some extra to make Lily a pillow. Reagan stuffed the pillow using some batting I had in my craft closet.
I also had some craft wire, yellow tulle and ribbon, which we used to make the canopy.

For the shower, we used a box I got at Costco, covered it with the vinyl peel-and-stick tiles we bought at Lowes, and cut a wooden dowel to size for the shower bar. At Dollar Tree we found a hose spray attachment, which we used for the shower head, and a shower curtain, we cut down to size for the box.
Reagan even made Lily a body puff using a bit from a big one and a rubber band.
I had a lot of fun making these projects with Reagan.

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