Sunday, August 23, 2009

4-Alarm Fun

Last Thursday morning we went on a fire station tour. Carter was in absolute heaven. He has loved firetrucks since he first noticed them.

He loves to walk around-and-around them and touch all their parts.

Tires, for some reason, especially fascinate him. He went from truck-to-truck-to-truck touching the tires, almost like he was comparing them.
The kids were able to get inside the trucks and sit in the seats.
They even turned on the flashing lights for the kids; Carter is pointing out the lights to Reagan.
Carter and his friend checking out the inside of the ladder truck.
Reagan was not that interested in the firetrucks, but she was a good sport.
At the very end of our tour, the firefighters got a call. We rushed outside to let them get dressed and get out of their way.
Carter waved good-bye to the trucks as they were leaving with their lights and sirens on. When they left the driveway, he tried to run after them.

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