Thursday, June 11, 2009

Balloon Hats and Monkey Pudding

The kids have both been sick this week; Reagan has strep throat and a double-ear infection and Carter has an ear infection, a viral infection and is getting at least 4 molars. Oh yeah, the weather's also been gloomy, dark and rainy.

So I decided we should try out some fun stuff today. I have a limited knowledge of balloon animals and hats, but enough to keep the kids entertained and busy. Reagan had fun trying to make a dog and even made Carter's hat.

This afternoon, we forged outside and Reagan helped me plant and re-pot of bunch of stuff. Carter helped by tasting the dirt and taking it out of the pots. Reagan planted snapdragons out front. I showed her how to "snap" them open. Carter just tried to sit on them.

After we got Carter cleaned up and down for a nap, Reagan made Monkey Pudding. I just supervised.
She did a great job and is becoming a real pro in the kitchen. She used her lettuce "knife" to slice the bananas.
We had it for dessert tonight and it was delicious.

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