Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Backwards Day

The kids woke up super excited to find out the "theme" for the day. When I saw them, I told them "Good Night, go brush your teeth and I'll be up to read you a bedtime story." They thought it might be pajama day, but it was:
Backwards Day!

First up: Dinner for breakfast. Luckily I had some leftover pizza, so this was easy. All 3 kids thought it was good. Reagan and Alex tried walking around backwards. I was a bit backwards today too--I only took 4 pictures and no crafts!

Next: We took a brief break in the day to take Reagan down to the doctor's because I thought she has swimmer's ear. I was right. With all the swimming she's doing now, I wanted to get her feeling better.

Back to the Backwards Day: The kids put their clothes backwards and so did I, which was not so comfortable because the back of my pants are a little roomier than the front.

Reagan and Alex played Candyland backwards. They started at the end of the game, drew the cards from the bottom of the pile and the winner was the person who came in last. Carter wanted to play too, but his game was stealing all of the pieces and running away as fast as he could run.

Lunch was a backwards lunch--all junk and nothing healthy. We had the pretzels and cookies the kids made yesterday and boy were they good!
A friend of mine came over to play with her two young boys, so we took a time-out from backwards day to show them around town and play at the park.

Dinner was breakfast of course! Cinnabon Muffins, eggs, cantaloupe, and blueberry maple sausage. Reagan and Alex had fun asking for things backwards like, "sausage the pass please."

Tonight they're spending the night with Reagan's grandparents, so Grandpa is going to read them a story backwards, from the end to the beginning.