Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby

Carter was on ice skates today for the first time. Here is a pictorial description of his debut on the frozen tundra:

His first attempt to stand on his skates:

March 10 egg hunt ice skating 016

I think he may have realized he is wearing figure skates…c i 3

and not hockey skates….(next time buddy you can have boy skates!)

Crater ice face

Before we hit the ice, he’s not quite sure what’s going on;March 10 egg hunt ice skating 019

He’s up,

March 10 egg hunt ice skating 020

c i 7

but not too crazy about it! Please help me Grandpa!c i 2

I take over and we manage to get all the way around the rink once. He even managed to move his feet and skate a little.

c i 5 c i 4c i 6 c i 8

Once around was good for now. The boys took and break and Reagan and I skated for a while longer. She is getting to be a really good skater. She can do all of these fancy turns and spins that Jeff can tell you the names of thanks to his sister Rebecca and her years of figure skating.

The thing that Carter liked the most? Yep, you guessed it, the Zamboni resurfacing the ice at the end.

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  1. Cute, Cute pictures! Of course its the Zamboni that Carter likes!

    This is a great great new blog page, I love it!

    Mom :)