Saturday, March 13, 2010

Florida 2010: Beach Day

FL 1FL 3

The day after we arrived in Florida, we went to the beach.  We knew that it was forecasted to be the warmest day of our trip, so we wanted to make sure the kids had a chance to play in the sand.

At the beach, it was breezy, misty and chilly.  FL 2

Carter didn’t care. He couldn’t wait to get in the water.FL6 

He was soaked before I managed to get his swimsuit on him.

Reagan wanted to play in the sand and test out the sand sprayers.

   Feb 10 Florida 011

We tried using a block mold, but the sand was too dry and the ocean too cold, so the sand kept crumbling.

Feb 10 Florida 033FL 4 

So, we decided to build a giant turtle instead of a giant castle. Everyone pitched in and got sandy. We even sprayed him with colored water:

Feb 10 Florida 045 

Carter mostly sprayed himself in the face and chest instead of the sand, so he ended up looking like a crime-scene splatter pattern. Feb 10 Florida 046

The result: one psychedelic giant turtle.

Feb 10 Florida 043

He had so much fun chasing the pesky seagulls all over the beach,

FL 5

taking Grandpa for a walk, Feb 10 Florida 021

and venturing in the frigid waters:

 Feb 10 Florida 029  Feb 10 Florida 031


  1. Ok, you've just made me realize exactly how much I need a vacation... I can't wait to find a sandy beach to relax on, lol!

  2. Looks like fun! Next you have to take them to So. Cal on a warm, sunny day and show them what growing up in Cali was like. Glad you guys had a good time. Your kiddos are really cute!!

  3. What a wonderful day!

    We have those molds, and the kids used them this winter to build a snow fort.

  4. Thanks for the pictures, it looks like Carter and Reagan did'nt even notice the cold!!! Glad you all had a great time.