Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reagan’s 7th Birthday

Reagan's 7th birthday & Valentines 009

Reagan turned 7 (!) last Saturday.  I meant to blog about her birthday and party last Sunday, but her party just wore me out. The night before her birthday, Jeff and I decorated the dining area in the kitchen. Reagan was surprised and loved the decorations.

 Reagan's 7th birthday & Valentines 005

Jeff made her blueberry pancakes in the shape of a 7. Reagan's 7th birthday & Valentines 002

He made a 1 for Carter too. Reagan's 7th birthday & Valentines 003

Reagan invited 18 girls to her party; 17 came, so we ended up with 18 girls at the party.  _MG_3548

Thank goodness it was at Chunky’s (a movie theater) and not at my house.  We also hired a babysitter to watch Carter, so Jeff and I could enjoy the party too.

Here’s Reagan with her party favors before the guests arrived: Reagan's 7th birthday & Valentines 006

The girls had popcorn, pizza and cake. We opened presents and then watched Tooth Fairy. It was a cute movie that the adults even enjoyed watching.

We had 2 tables of girls:


Me trying to get the silly girls turned around so they can all watch Reagan open presents:


Opening presents:


The cake:


Watching the movie:



Lauren, Reagan’s best friend since she was a baby, spent the night.P1000174

We went out to dinner for sushi, Reagan’s favorite, with Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Kevin. P1000181

We ordered so much sushi that they brought us 2 sushi boats!


We came back home to open the family presents and eat more cake and ice cream.



Nana and Grandpa gave her a shopping spree day and lunch with them.


Lauren brought matching pjs for them to wear.Reagan's 7th birthday & Valentines 011 

The girls stayed up way too late, even later than me! Reagan's 7th birthday & Valentines 016


  1. Loved all the pictures! Reagan looked like she really had a lot of fun at her party. I'm happy to see that Reagan had a lot of family members with her on her birthday to help celebrate her big 7th birthday! Love you guys!


  2. A perfect birthday!! Good job, Mom! :)