Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Another Week in February

Here’s a pictorial review of the past week with the kids:

Carter on Saturday playing outside with Ella in the freezing cold, while Jeff, Reagan and I watched  and laughed from inside the house. He went all the way down the ice skating rink that is our backyard and climbed up the playhouse swing set, with an incredible sense of balance. 

Feb 2010 048

Carter in the fridge. He loves to stand in the fridge or sit in it. It’s a battle to get him out.

Feb 2010 050

Lobster claws:

Feb 2010 055

It’s no wonder I can’t find my pot holders when I need them.Feb 2010 058

Reagan swimming in Regionals in Vermont last Sunday. She’s in the yellow swim cap:

Feb 2010 061

Her name in lights. Her relay team came in 3rd place and they won a real metal, which she is extremely proud of and had to wear to school today.

Feb 2010 063

Lobster boy sprouts feathers:

Feb 2010 064 Feb 2010 065 Feb 2010 067

Reagan came home from school on Monday and insisted that both her and Carter wear their pajamas inside out so we would get 15 inches of snow on Tuesday and have a snow day off from school. Well, we had a snow day, even though it didn’t start snowing until after school would’ve been out. Here are they are Tuesday morning:

Feb 2010 069 Feb 2010 073

That’s all for now folks.


  1. Glad to hear Reagan did so well in the swim meet. Cater is definitely all boy when it comes to playing outside!

  2. So for the boy who would not wear a coat and we thought would never like cold weather he has really gotten into being outside. Monday we went for a walk and I could not get him to come back in. We did the walk twice just because HE wanted to stay outside.

  3. What a fun week! The lobster claws crack me up!