Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween 09


October was not a good month for us this year.  Carter was diagnosed with Lyme disease, I was sick for 2 weeks with a parasite and the swine flu, and Reagan has been sick for 2 weeks with swine flu, a paraflu, and now has an ear infection and croup. Jeff, thankfully, has been the only healthy one.

Oct 09 Halloween 061

They managed to get the pumpkins carved Halloween Day with the help of Grandpa.

Oct 09 Halloween 062 Oct 09 Halloween 063

Both kids were well enough to Trick-or-Treat, but I was not up for anything other than sleeping.


Luckily, I had purchased their costumes at the beginning of the month instead of making them, so we didn’t have to worry about running out on Halloween day to buy something last minute.

Carter was the Pokey Little Puppy (one of our favorite books),

h2 h3

and Reagan was a witch.

h4 h5

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  1. Oh how Cute they look! I'm glad you posted these pictures. Please post more, and more and more...!