Sunday, October 4, 2009

A month in review

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. I tried posting many times earlier, but kept having problems uploading pictures via BlogSpot. Thank goodness someone reminded me about live writer (Thanks Joy!) and now blogging is easy again.

  September just flew by with school and after-school activities starting, visiting Jeff’s grandparents in Michigan for Labor Day weekend, and me trying to get a daily routine implemented.  The kids have gotten bigger, I’ve now got red hair and fall is in the air.  Reagan is loving school, her teacher and all her various after school activities.  I enjoy being involved in many of Reagan’s activities and Carter enjoys spending a couple days a week with Nana and Grandpa.

Here’s the month in review in pictures:

Labor Day weekend in Hillsdale, MI:

Visiting a farm:

Sept 09 Michigan 021 Sept 09 Michigan 053

At Hillsdale College, with the tree planted in Great-Grandma’s honor (Carter liked shaking it back-and-forth, so we hope it survives the winter):

Sept 09 Michigan 067

Reagan getting a painting lesson:

Sept 09 Michigan 090

Carter going through the beautiful gate into the backyard and playing with the neighbor’s dog. He spent most of his time outdoors when we were at their home:

Sept 09 Michigan 100 Sept 09 Michigan 108

They played on the swing set, just like Grandpa and Jeff used to do:

Sept 09 Michigan 104

Digging for worms with Uncle Doug to go fishing:

Sept 09 Michigan 111

Taking time to smell the flowers:

Sept 09 Michigan 117

We had some beautiful late summer/early fall days at home and we tried to spend a lot of time outside. Reagan poses on a rock in our side yard:

September 09 005

Big Sis helping out with the little ATV:

September 09 011

Vroom, vroom:

September 09 014

Carter had his first experience with markers. Yes, he ate them and yes they were washable.

September 09 019 September 09 023 September 09 029


Reagan cheering for the Jr. Bulldogs:

September 09 044

Carter likes to hide in small spaces,:

September 09 048

play in trees:

September 09 066 September 09 069

throw fits,:

September 09 082

And eat bread!

September 09 100

One last chance to help me buy plant until spring:



  1. I loved all the pictures! Reagan and Carter are growing so quickly.

  2. Thanks for the posting. I loved the pictures and your description of the month.