Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Snakes, Mud and a Lost Tooth

After the big 4th of July bash, I was too tired to blog about it and there were too many great pictures from the day that I wouldn't be able to pick a few to post. So, if you want to check out the party, go to my Father-In-Law's website at http://gallery.jonrickphoto.com/p385732303 .

Yesterday it was absolutely gorgeous here. Perfect summer weather: hot, a few puffy clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. After Reagan's swim practice, we went to a reptile program at our public library. It was packed, but they had plenty of reptiles to go around. Carter was not too excited to sit still for the presentation, so I took him outside the room to run. What he ended up doing was throwing a fit after he ate all of his banana and I ran out. So, there we were in the library with Carter rolling around on the floor screaming "BANANA" over and over at the top of his lungs. Luckily, I had some apple slices, which pacified him, but I digress.

Carter and I made it back inside just in time for my favorite reptiles, snakes.

Unfortunately, my children do not share my phobia of snakes, so they were more than interested in looking, touching and holding the snakes. I wasn't happy to be in the same room with them (the snakes, not the kids).

After a quick lunch at home, we set off to a park which not only has a playground, but also has a separate "spray and play" water area. It looks really cool, is really cool, but did not hold Reagan's interest for long or Carter's at all. So we went over to the playground.

Reagan wanted to take her brother down the slide, which they've done together many times before without incident. Yesterday, however, it was the slide of doom.

This is how they looked at the top.

In the middle, something went horribly wrong and they ended up rolling over one another, with Carter bumping his head and getting a bruise and Reagan losing her front tooth! Out it popped. We had no idea it was even loose. She only shed a little blood and was fine.

So to cheer up the troops, I took them down to the stream and mud at the bottom of the park.

This was a MUCH bigger hit than the failed spray and play. They were the only kids down there and they had a blast. For once, the only thing Carter tried to eat was the clover.

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  1. Oh, poor babies! I love that mud and a little water to splash in can make everything better. So how’s this for a weird coincidence … Alex lost the same tooth (top right) on the same day … though not on the “Slide of Doom” - more like mom with a facecloth.